Monday, November 22, 2010

oh its been a while

summer in the air

what have i been doing lately?

i studied - with the entertaining company of my man-friends cat Elephant. He isn't much help, post-video he decided to sleep on my notes.

I then celebrated the end of exams -

I am now looking forward to graduation - and i have my eye on this dress for the day

I have also scored the most amazing new job - i am so lucky to have a job in this economic climate; let alone one with an amazing workplace full of the most lovely, intelligent and hilarious people. It is such an awesome company - and in the industry I want to be in!!!.. Can see myself there for a very long time...and its only been 3 weeks! Honestly - I'm on top of the world right now!!!

Hope you are all well :)

I have lost my camera - so iPhone shots it is until it unearths itself! xx

Thursday, October 21, 2010

a little note

I will probably continue to be quite absent for next couple of weeks.

Have been in the midst of that last wave of assignments - and am now moving into exam time.
Gotta love it... (I even have an exam on my 21st birthday...and THEN the morning after!)

Ill be back with bells on after the 6th xxx

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A few of my favourite things: Top 5 blogs

There are lots of blogs - but only a few draw me in so much that I check them everyday - so here are my top 5 picks at the moment: (in no particular order)

Alix represents everything pretty, whimsical and girly in this world. The cherry blossom girl is a nostalgic outlook on a world full of pastels, balloons, frills - perfectly french.

The Kingdom of Style
Queen Michelle and Queen Marie have one of the most entertaining blogs around. I can browse through the archives of this blog for hours; it's content is so wide ranging it never gets dull. From Michelle's grungy looks to Marie's penchant for anything quirky - these two make the perfect blogging pair. They blog about all sorts - encompassing the whole world of pop culture. A must read!!!

I have been reading Karla's Closet for a couple of years now - and I never get sick of what she wears. First things first - this girl is a TOTAL babe - and completely plays up her feminine bod with classic pencil skirts and blouses; whilst still adding her own person twist. She isn't afraid of bold colour; I think she is a true leader. She has the most amazing vintage peices - I would LOVE to raid her wardrobe!

Victoria Tornegren
I have only come across this Swedish beauty's blog in the last few months - and I regret having not found it sooner! Victoria's style blog is a gorgeous monochromatic look at her fashion world. I would die to have this girls room.

Jak & Jil
Jak and Jil is my favourite street style blog. Tommy Ton takes the best snaps from all over the world - that capture a world I just cant wait to live in!

So those are my top 5.
My other favourites at the moment include gorgeous New Zealander Nicola, and her blog KnockYouForSix, Isaac Likes, Bryan Boy, Luna Supernova, Knight Cat and of course Fashion Toast.

Bec x

Monday, October 11, 2010

so long

Okay so i realise we havent posted in AGES!

Recently I've been living in my Karen Walker salzberg tee, Lara parker khaki pants and this cable knit oatmeal cardigan. A bit boring at the mo - but am sooo over everything I own! I have also been waiting for some Lola Vintage stock from America - LOTS OF IT, for about 2months now. So keep an eye out!

Here is a few things on my wishlist for summer (although it is FREEZING today)

Jeffrey Campbell snicks, Karen Walker strawberry chain necklace, Jeffrey Campbell Mariels, Karen Walker peep frill short, Ruby penelope dress & Ruby billy dress


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another reason why Anna Dello Russo is so amazing...

Look what she wore to the Paris Vogue 90th anniversary ball

Photo from one of my favorite blogs, Jak & Jil

Friday, September 24, 2010

20 Questions with Hunter McLeod

Winner of the New Zealand Fashion Week New Talent competition (beating out my little brother!); Hunter McLeod has attracted a mountain of media attention. Plucked from his Maccas uniform and flown to the big city - he has already scored a number of high profile gigs including multiple NZFW shows and become the face of the new Salasai lookbook. This uber babe is sure to find success in the industry - having come so far in just a few months.
I caught up with Hunter via facebook for a quick 20 questions:

1. What inspired you to enter the new talent competition?
Looking down at the advert for the comp whilst donning a Macca's uniform was inspiration enough haha.. So hard to add swagger to that gear...
2. What has changed the most since winning the competition? The amount of make-up I wear?
3 . What did you want to be when you were younger?
Supermodel (Can't remember lack the patience to stick to much :D)
4. What agency are you with?
Clyne (Love them!!!)
5. What was your best NZFW moment?
Knocking the debut on the head.. Exhilarating!
6. Who did you walk for in NZFW?
Miaake, Miramoda, Salasai, Karen Walker (Show), Crane Brothers
7. So far, what is the best thing you have gained from winning the new talent competition?
Knowledge plus insight into the backstage of the fashion world! ..... + Free hotel for the whole week ;)
8. Is the stache going to stay?
The stache will come off in due time...
9. What would you consider the worst fashion faux par?
Hmmh... Each to their own style wise. One should look in the mirror before going out. It's OK to TRY look mean men.
10. What’s your staple outfit?
Always love to mix it up.. Can't go wrong with rockin skinnys and a head turner upstairs.
11. How do you fill your spare time?
Wrecking N.P town with my bro Hog and the boys (THESIX), getting away with my lovely girl Hannah or just plain reflection.. Broad as fuck question here seriously! Lol.
12. Favourite piece of clothing?
Hmmm probably the 1 grand hand knitted cardi by Coogi I snapped up in Fiji - Showstopper.
13. What should everyone have in their wardrobe?
Accessories! Even a decent necklace over a typical tee/jean get-up can spice a look up ten fold (See Nick Von K ;P)
14. Currently wearing (in a non creepy way)?
Cheap Monday Blue Steel Velvet skinnys, SGC Semi-Garnet Pyramid ring and a necklace of my mothers name in hieroglyphics. That is all.
15. Favourite brand?
Hmm Cheap Monday skinnys take up the majority of my wardrobe super comfy jeans but meh labels/brands you can find the stray ultimate piece in an opshop etc.
16. Favourite store?
17. Favourite band?
Kings.... Old school Kings deff. Mood dependant.
18. One place you have to visit in New Plymouth?
The Bunker
19. What does 2011 hold for Hunter McLoed?
International Model yeah baby.
20. And the question that is on everyone’s mind -New Years 10/11 will be spent at...
R'n'V been many a time but shit wicked acts goin on!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bright eyed and bushy tailed - Ruby NZFW 2010

Yesterday morning beneath the thunder, lightning and hail of the Auckland sky - the Ruby show was one to remember. The Adventurers collection delved into the idea of girl scout chic - drawing inspiration from explorers such as Tin Tin.
The shows colour pallete started with an exuberant shade of citrine yellow - perfect to wake up sleepy early morning viewers (that is if the pelting from hail stones didn't work). This flowed on to shades of teal blue, forest greens and fresh blue checks. I am personally in love with the checkered sheer shirt dress - which will be amazing in summer.
One of my favourite pieces would have to be the the grey sleeveless coat - which had the most gorgeous and perfectly balanced amount of slouch in the back. The pleated skirt is also a fav - I'm in love with the shade of soft shade of dusty pink.
This collection marked a real turning point for Ruby - having originally found fame in ruby-stone printed hoodies and tees; The Adventurers has solidified the brand as a true fashion house. This more mature look - will satisfy both mothers and daughters; with a little bit for everyone. With tailored pants and military inspired coats - Ruby has taken a nod towards a more grown up self, without loosing its flirty feminine roots that we all know and love. Every look could easily translate straight to the side walk with utmost ease.
I love this little guy I picked up at the show - he is going to look gorgeous on my key chain!

A huge congratulations to the lovely Deanna who has worked so hard over the last few weeks. And another well done to the gorgeous Ruby team - interning for you is a pleasure xxx

Runway shots from Front Row Diary.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The Zambesi show - as always, was one not to be missed. The stormy weather set the scene for the show, with dark silhouettes skulking down the lengthy runway.

As per usual Zambesi delivered with their signature black ensembles - picked out with crisp white shirts and tailored cigarette pants. The mesh leggings and the amazing shirling jacket (the finale peice) added texture to the looks. The soundtrack was awesome - starting off with a remix of Iko Iko (your grandma and my grandma sitting my the fire..) -Sophie Findlay once again worked her track choosing magic!

As we watched the show, my friend Sarah and I drooled over pretty much every item that came down the runway (including some of those boys...). We were in love with a sleeve less jacket - but I cant figure out which particular one it was from the photos (they are all amazing). Below are some of my top picks - I love the prints, i could easily wear the leopard with tan wedges in summer.
I was quite familiar with the venue - having done work experience with Zambesi back in 2007 & 2008. Shed 12 was also the venue for the 2008 show. I think it's so fantastic that this building is still standing, as I remember the Zambesi team stressing their concern on its pending demolition at the time.

The Zambesi team hold a special place in my heart - having really solidified my love of the industry; going about every aspect of the planning of their show with such stress free ease. They were so lovely to me as a 17 year old school student, and whilst watching their show come to life I learned so many lessons. I'm so glad that my first true experiences in the NZ fashion industry were had with them : the calm coolness of the Zambesi team in the lead up to fashion week is definitely something every brand should aspire too!

I had a great night hanging out with all the kids from PROCESS PR - I am so lucky to have such beautiful friends.. here are a few pictures I took (the drinks were flowing!)
The amazing venue

A special thanks to Sophie Findlay for the tickets to the show :) You're a star x

Runway shots from Front Row Diary.

Friday, September 17, 2010

the countdown is on...

3 sleeps till fashion week! What shows are you heading to?
Which shows have we been invited to? You'll have to wait and seeeeee

Thursday, September 16, 2010

love is the thing you know..

One of my favorite things is the first Sex and the City movie.

I can watch it endlessly, back to back, over and over. I have probably watched it almost a hundred times - and in all seriousness. It is my movie. I love everything about it, i relate to it - and i of course DROOL over the wardrobe.

I have my own Mr. Big who i love and hate so much - and who i hope will one day realise, like Carrie, he doesnt want to let me go. I have my wonderful friends - who are always so supportive, enthusiastic, witty and wonderful. And i have my Manolo's - well maybe one day...

I love every single outfit worn by Carrie in this film, particularly the one in the first scene where her and Big visit their apartment for the first time. That may perhaps be my favourite? What's yours?

I just downloaded the movie to my iPhone, so i can take Carrie and the girls with me everywhere i go - PERFECT.

One thing i believe in is love - Love is the thing you know

Sunday, September 12, 2010

stars and stripes

For the last few years the american flag has been associated with war, ridiculous bigoted protests and a certain beady eyed balding texan with a penchant for badly written speeches....

However, Americana and the American dream have swiftly recooperated (maybe due to that babe in the White House)- and the stars and stripes have become a whole new level of cool.

I am loving the American inspired prints and college-esque slogans. And am on a continuous hunt for them for my store Lola Vintage (will be back up and running soon!!!), and ofcourse myself. I am loving the topshop denim shorts (as shown below)- although, am currently working towards a bod like that..

Cover me in stars and stripes - lets be a little bit patriotic ;)(well patriotic from the other side of the world)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

horsing around

wearing ruby blouse, vintage levis and jeffrey campbell 99s

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pleats glorious pleats.

Yes.. when i hear the word pleats my mind immediately reverts back to my high school uniform. Christmas colored, obscenely short, and every kind of wrong you can imagine. This seasons pleats have helped me overcome my fear and embrace their beauty. Grey's, navies and perfect peaches are simply heavenly !Juliette Hogan's sheer Floored skirt definitely takes the cake.Perfectly feminine and super wearable.Amazing with a basic tee.. i secretly love anything i can chuck on with a tee. Sssshhhh!! I could go on forever about all the different pleated pieces i love so i wont, my words do them no justice. Enjoy!

Ruby Rosie dress.
Juliette Hogan Faith dress.

My gorgeous sister, Jaimee. In an AMAZING vintage find.

I don't know who invented high heels, but all woman owe him a lot - Marilyn Munroe.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

sand between my toes

I am so excited to see cute strappy sandels coming into stores - here is my pick that I have seen so far -

Country Road

See by Chloe

BRING BACK JELLIES! It means you can walk in the water and not ruin your shoes. and as a true tua tua, cockle and pipi collecting NZer, this is a plus! ha

Bec x

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


After checking out Alix from the cherry blossom girl's wedding photos - it inspired me to do a post on balloons. And if you haven't checked out her wedding photos, you must, as they are waaaayyy too gorgeous - that girl is a complete stunner. The photo of the balloons in the sky is from her wedding, and all the rest are from weheartit xxx

Monday, August 30, 2010

when i grow up i want to be Anna Dello Russo

Anna Dello Russo is the editor at large of Vogue Nippon - and is absolutely fabulous.
Every time I see a photo at her, I idolize her more. Her style is amazing - so colorful, so fresh and so original.

She has two beautiful apartments next door to each other - one for her, and one for her clothes.

When i grow up - i wanna be just. like. you.

It is woman like Anna that inspire me to work hard in this industry; hopefully one day will find success in the fashion industry <3 just. like. her.