Monday, August 30, 2010

when i grow up i want to be Anna Dello Russo

Anna Dello Russo is the editor at large of Vogue Nippon - and is absolutely fabulous.
Every time I see a photo at her, I idolize her more. Her style is amazing - so colorful, so fresh and so original.

She has two beautiful apartments next door to each other - one for her, and one for her clothes.

When i grow up - i wanna be just. like. you.

It is woman like Anna that inspire me to work hard in this industry; hopefully one day will find success in the fashion industry <3 just. like. her.


  1. Bec! Hehe you are tooo sweet :p I just ate too much apple pie so its not looking its best trust me!

    Hows it all going at Ruby?You guys will be stressed as with NZFW I'd imagine. Ohh I bet your shorts-wearing wasn't a fail, AK weather has been all over the show at the mo, Im never prepped for the wind and rain and then random bursts of sun dammit!! Haha. Oh well you're wrking in the right place to find a sweet summer wardrobe! So many things I want from the Bedrock collection!

    Did you get all your assignments in ok?Or u still goin? Woo its yr final year so will all be worth it. Plus you're living in the right city to be getting into PR, AK is where its at for pretty mch everythin! I graduated 2 yrs ago from Massey in WGTN with a Bachelor of Design (Graphic) w Honours, so wish I could say im livin the highlife now with an amazing job etc but im not aha. Im just freelancing from home till I work out my next move, Ive always wanted to be my own boss and dont like to settle for ordinary so just need to figure out how to get what I want :)

    Haha whooaa opps life story! Hpe you're havin a lovely week and not too stressed out!! xxx