Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to procrastinate...

I went down to the Devonport village, picked up my dry-cleaning, and had a perve at the Devonport Chocolates....

Maybe buy some..cos why not? payday yesterday!

all $10 worth..hmm.. mint truffle, cappuccino and cherry liquor (cherry inside yum!)

View from Devonport across to the city - very rainy today!!!

THEN decide you should probably go to The Department Store. And drool at everything in Karen Walker, hmm. Perhaps take a photo of yourself - just because.

Wearing my man-friend's tee shirt, oroton pearls, lara parker jacket, oroton bag, lara parker pants, country road socks and jeffery campbell wedges.

It was WAY too cold today, way to rainy and generally sucky - and i had NOTHING to wear. Next winter i will buy something warm.

Now i should perhaps write an essay? marketing integration anyone? i thought not.


  1. Those chocolates look divine!! Sorry for taking so long to get back to your blog, work has been busy this week.

    I've actually been pleasantly surprised over the new KW stuff, from the lookbook I didn't think i would like it so much - you look cute btw xx

  2. Want all that candy!And love your look:)))

  3. i really love this outfit, especially the pants, that colour is gorgeous! plus the chocolates in the post have me drooling :) love your blog so much, definitely a new follower for you!!