Tuesday, August 31, 2010


After checking out Alix from the cherry blossom girl's wedding photos - it inspired me to do a post on balloons. And if you haven't checked out her wedding photos, you must, as they are waaaayyy too gorgeous - that girl is a complete stunner. The photo of the balloons in the sky is from her wedding, and all the rest are from weheartit xxx


  1. Good pohoto!!!

  2. Hehe i love our blog-to-blog chats! So funny. How u doin? Do you live over in Davenport?Ive always liked it there, i reckon it would be a nice area to live when i get older and want kids etc! How did your 3000-worder go?gahh thats so long, its soo nice not to write essays anymore! You will be SO happy when you finish this year!

    Ohh i really want all the Ruby shorts too, those silk ruffle ones especially. Do you get to go to the Ruby show at fash week?or are you gonna be hanging round at all?ill be there for most of the week so would be nice to have a blogger-meet-up if you are :)

    Yup I just live & work at home with the parents haha exciting stuff! Nah its actually really nice, id love to be living in AK but just cant afford to at the mo as with freelancing its not consistent income. But yup I got quite a bit on at the moment which has bn really good and its fun work (the ruby stuff) and been doing some rebranding for an interior design company too :) Yea I guess with your industry you sorta have to start working for somebody straight off so you can get the knowledge and experience before you do your own thing. I think I need to do the same but I like to dream and think that I can do my own thing! Ahh we will see!

    Oh I checked out those wedding photos you mentioned above, SO beautiful! Looks like a movie wedding! Hope you're well and had a nice weekend :) xox

    P.S - I wanna do a Shakuhachi shop up too! You'll have to do a post on your new purchases, I want to seee!