Wednesday, August 11, 2010

out of bounds

Okay. So I REALLY need to stop going into stores. Today I popped down to The Department Store, to 'visit' my friend Sarah in Karen Walker. Nooot a good idea. As not I want HEAPS.

As i posted below - I'm def sold on the grey tee from KW's new season.

I also loooove this dress! Your supposed to tie the ties at the back, but i like them tied in a bow at the front, so it's alot more smock like
(hey what a cool phone shot bec.... photography genius)

And i really need to get around to get some of the Pointer for Karen Walker shoes - im glad the boat shoe is continuing through to the summer season yay!

I saw the new Beaucoops in Black Box and they look AMAZING - def keen on the full boot! I didnt let myself venture upstairs to TOPSHOP, wallet isnt healthy enough to handle that top floor.

OH and a word of note - Terri (my blog partner) is REALLY busy with uni work atm - but will be posting soon!!

Bec xxx


  1. Hey chick!

    I sure was in Ruby HQ today!! Were you there too?I shouldve asked bout you and come said Hi!! Im doin the new websites for Ruby and MH as well as some other graphic work so had a little meeting with Eleisha & the girls in th showroom! Im sure Ill be back soon so will ask after you :)

    Btw Im totally with you on trying to find a classic striped top that isn't KW! I ended up buying one off ebay pretty cheap so could be your answer! Have u seen that new NZ show This Is Not My Life? Its filmed at the new developed part of Omaha, so crazy. I remember when it was nothin bt paddocks as well and over summer the beach used to be deserted! Tawhas is awesm ay, lots to explore & really good surf too.

    I think you should get the KW dress, looks perfect on you! I love tht grey T and the sweater as well, i think NO mag used it in tht shoot with Bambi. Im too scared to go into the Dept Store with the fear of leaving with a sad looking bank acc!

    P.S - Thx so much for adding me to your blogroll! Youre too sweet :) I really need to set one up too and add you. Also yay for your new Lola listings! Those moto pants are rad! They should do real well x

  2. such a cute dress! it looks darling on you :) great blog!

    visit/follow me

  3. Hey,

    Just found your blog though your comment on Nicola's. Awesome! Glad to meet another NZ blogger (am now following).

    At least you have a department store, even if it spells doom for your income. Wellington is so neglected (You can tell I'm bitter).

    Drop by sometime. Oh and the KW dress looks amazing.