Monday, October 11, 2010

so long

Okay so i realise we havent posted in AGES!

Recently I've been living in my Karen Walker salzberg tee, Lara parker khaki pants and this cable knit oatmeal cardigan. A bit boring at the mo - but am sooo over everything I own! I have also been waiting for some Lola Vintage stock from America - LOTS OF IT, for about 2months now. So keep an eye out!

Here is a few things on my wishlist for summer (although it is FREEZING today)

Jeffrey Campbell snicks, Karen Walker strawberry chain necklace, Jeffrey Campbell Mariels, Karen Walker peep frill short, Ruby penelope dress & Ruby billy dress



  1. in lust with the kw strawberry and skulls necklace....and the JC snick wedge...very cool.

  2. Mmm I want those Celine wedge knockoffs too, just need to find the most convincing pair! Im very jealous you have the Salzberg tee!! x

  3. I had that KW necklace on my wishlist too but I tried it on and wished it was a little longer, it's cute though.
    And that navy spotted Ruby dress is apparently in store on Friday? according to my friend :)