Friday, September 24, 2010

20 Questions with Hunter McLeod

Winner of the New Zealand Fashion Week New Talent competition (beating out my little brother!); Hunter McLeod has attracted a mountain of media attention. Plucked from his Maccas uniform and flown to the big city - he has already scored a number of high profile gigs including multiple NZFW shows and become the face of the new Salasai lookbook. This uber babe is sure to find success in the industry - having come so far in just a few months.
I caught up with Hunter via facebook for a quick 20 questions:

1. What inspired you to enter the new talent competition?
Looking down at the advert for the comp whilst donning a Macca's uniform was inspiration enough haha.. So hard to add swagger to that gear...
2. What has changed the most since winning the competition? The amount of make-up I wear?
3 . What did you want to be when you were younger?
Supermodel (Can't remember lack the patience to stick to much :D)
4. What agency are you with?
Clyne (Love them!!!)
5. What was your best NZFW moment?
Knocking the debut on the head.. Exhilarating!
6. Who did you walk for in NZFW?
Miaake, Miramoda, Salasai, Karen Walker (Show), Crane Brothers
7. So far, what is the best thing you have gained from winning the new talent competition?
Knowledge plus insight into the backstage of the fashion world! ..... + Free hotel for the whole week ;)
8. Is the stache going to stay?
The stache will come off in due time...
9. What would you consider the worst fashion faux par?
Hmmh... Each to their own style wise. One should look in the mirror before going out. It's OK to TRY look mean men.
10. What’s your staple outfit?
Always love to mix it up.. Can't go wrong with rockin skinnys and a head turner upstairs.
11. How do you fill your spare time?
Wrecking N.P town with my bro Hog and the boys (THESIX), getting away with my lovely girl Hannah or just plain reflection.. Broad as fuck question here seriously! Lol.
12. Favourite piece of clothing?
Hmmm probably the 1 grand hand knitted cardi by Coogi I snapped up in Fiji - Showstopper.
13. What should everyone have in their wardrobe?
Accessories! Even a decent necklace over a typical tee/jean get-up can spice a look up ten fold (See Nick Von K ;P)
14. Currently wearing (in a non creepy way)?
Cheap Monday Blue Steel Velvet skinnys, SGC Semi-Garnet Pyramid ring and a necklace of my mothers name in hieroglyphics. That is all.
15. Favourite brand?
Hmm Cheap Monday skinnys take up the majority of my wardrobe super comfy jeans but meh labels/brands you can find the stray ultimate piece in an opshop etc.
16. Favourite store?
17. Favourite band?
Kings.... Old school Kings deff. Mood dependant.
18. One place you have to visit in New Plymouth?
The Bunker
19. What does 2011 hold for Hunter McLoed?
International Model yeah baby.
20. And the question that is on everyone’s mind -New Years 10/11 will be spent at...
R'n'V been many a time but shit wicked acts goin on!


  1. Great interview girlie!

    And omg, so jealous you used to intern at Ruby! Wow. So lucky! This is starting to make me question why I didn't study fashion... lol

  2. he defi is super talented!! love the stuff interview

    follow if u like what u see?


  3. Its been sooo nice huh! I got the summer buzz! Hope you've recovered from last week. Man hunter is such a hotty! I quite like the mo' ! x