Thursday, September 16, 2010

love is the thing you know..

One of my favorite things is the first Sex and the City movie.

I can watch it endlessly, back to back, over and over. I have probably watched it almost a hundred times - and in all seriousness. It is my movie. I love everything about it, i relate to it - and i of course DROOL over the wardrobe.

I have my own Mr. Big who i love and hate so much - and who i hope will one day realise, like Carrie, he doesnt want to let me go. I have my wonderful friends - who are always so supportive, enthusiastic, witty and wonderful. And i have my Manolo's - well maybe one day...

I love every single outfit worn by Carrie in this film, particularly the one in the first scene where her and Big visit their apartment for the first time. That may perhaps be my favourite? What's yours?

I just downloaded the movie to my iPhone, so i can take Carrie and the girls with me everywhere i go - PERFECT.

One thing i believe in is love - Love is the thing you know

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