Monday, July 19, 2010

carried away

One of my favourite things is sex and the city, i could watch it for hours - and i do.

Carrie / Patricia Field, is an amazing inspiration to me and the way i dress.

Prob even more since i have been concurring all six seasons of Terri's box set while she has been in the land of the free - 'free'.

I particularly love the way she dressed through seasons 3 and 4 - wish i could casually rock around in what she wears, might try it (the stomach will need a bit of a tan aid however...). I now NEED a rainbow skirt..

When recently spotting the new season in Ruby, i fell in love with this print - the jacket carried me away ;) Its going to be the perfect start to my summer wardrobe!

Bec xxx


  1. I am CRUSHING BAD on Ruby's new range. B-A-D!

    The SGC shorts had to be shipped in from Ameilies Boutique. I contacted SGC and they have done re-cuts for Amelies Boutique and I Don't Like Mondays. NZ has NONE left at gay.

  2. Hey Bec!

    Ahhh so you're the mastermind behind Lola Vintage! Rad :) You had a gorgeous model! Is she signed to an agency?Yea I've turned VB into knockyouforsix on trademe now but have been super lazy bout it as well! gahh need 2 get back into it.

    Thanks 4 th comment and heads up bout the Ruby feature :) So exciting! And cool blog you got goin here, might catch u at the Matakana markets one day as i live bout 5 mins away! Keep th posts coming & cm back and visit soon xxx