Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A few of my favourite things: Top 5 blogs

There are lots of blogs - but only a few draw me in so much that I check them everyday - so here are my top 5 picks at the moment: (in no particular order)

Alix represents everything pretty, whimsical and girly in this world. The cherry blossom girl is a nostalgic outlook on a world full of pastels, balloons, frills - perfectly french.

The Kingdom of Style
Queen Michelle and Queen Marie have one of the most entertaining blogs around. I can browse through the archives of this blog for hours; it's content is so wide ranging it never gets dull. From Michelle's grungy looks to Marie's penchant for anything quirky - these two make the perfect blogging pair. They blog about all sorts - encompassing the whole world of pop culture. A must read!!!

I have been reading Karla's Closet for a couple of years now - and I never get sick of what she wears. First things first - this girl is a TOTAL babe - and completely plays up her feminine bod with classic pencil skirts and blouses; whilst still adding her own person twist. She isn't afraid of bold colour; I think she is a true leader. She has the most amazing vintage peices - I would LOVE to raid her wardrobe!

Victoria Tornegren
I have only come across this Swedish beauty's blog in the last few months - and I regret having not found it sooner! Victoria's style blog is a gorgeous monochromatic look at her fashion world. I would die to have this girls room.

Jak & Jil
Jak and Jil is my favourite street style blog. Tommy Ton takes the best snaps from all over the world - that capture a world I just cant wait to live in!

So those are my top 5.
My other favourites at the moment include gorgeous New Zealander Nicola, and her blog KnockYouForSix, Isaac Likes, Bryan Boy, Luna Supernova, Knight Cat and of course Fashion Toast.

Bec x


  1. Thank you for featuring KoS.
    Such lovely things you wrote xx

  2. You know these are all some of my favourite blogs too! Great minds think alike ;)

  3. Great picks!